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Maze lovers and treasure hunters have hours of spine-tingling adventure and fun-filled entertainment in store with this exciting collection of pirate treasure mazes.

The author has created 35 winding labyrinths that will test the abilities of young puzzlers as they search for a long-lost treasure and the map that leads to it on a hazard-filled haunted island. They'll have to avoid assassins, bewitched dogs, hungry rats, vampire bats, and homicidal trees, and make their way through a dark cave - just to find the map. Then, young treasure seekers will encounter other enormous obstacles - dangerous pirates, poisonous spikes, burning lakes, huge ticks, giant stone statues that move and other discouraging elements on the way to the treasure itself.

Captions explain the goal for each maze and solutions appear at the end.

Details: By Dave Philliips
published 1992, 48 pages, softcover

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