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Just as putting pen to paper to create a line in a drawing is an artistic act, so is writing a letter. Pen to Paper, a selection from the Smithsonian's Archives of American Art, reveals the beauty and intimacy of the craft of letter writing. 

Art historians, curators, and artists describe the circumstances of the letters' writing and offer insights into their penmanship. We feel the exuberance of Eero Saarinen's letters to his beloved wife, Aline; the wrenching difficulty of the crossed-out drafts of Joseph Cornell's sympathy letter to Marcel Duchamp's widow; the loopy charm of Claes Oldenburg's postcard from the Chateau Marmont; and the poignance of what proved to be one of Lee Krasner's last letters to Jackson Pollock.

A full transcription is provided for each letter. Pen to Paper provides a fresh way to think about artists and their creative work and is sure to inspire your next handwritten note.

Details: Edited by Mary Savig
published 12016, 208 pages, hardcover




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