Impressionist Cats: a book featuring famous paintings where humans are replaced with cats
Impressionist Cats
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Impressionist Cats

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Author: Susan Herbert

Description: This irresistible volume features illustrations of Impressionist masterpieces―with a feline twist.

Cats playing a quiet game of cards, cats at the ballet, cats having a leisurely lunch on the grass, cats boating on the river...These are the quintessential Impressionist cats, painted with vivid, joyous colors in their favorite haunts, at their ease in various ordinary activities.

With their pensive, brooding expressions, cats lend themselves perfectly to reimagining the great works of the Impressionist masters, whether strolling among Claude Monet’s wild poppies, sitting in Mary Cassatt’s loge at the opera, or even enjoying a Sunday dance at Auguste Renoir’s Bougival. They can be charming or steeped in mute despair, vulgar or lovingly maternal, bourgeois or intellectual―but they are always Impressionist cats, caught as if by the camera, spontaneous and unprepared. A wonderful addition to the Cats in Art series, Impressionist Cats is sure to charm any cat lover.

Illustrated in color throughout

Publisher: Thames and Hudson
Pages: 64
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780500295571