Wadsworth Atheneum


Amid elegant furnishings and a sometimes-portentous atmosphere, enigmatic characters wine and dine, conduct tete-a-tete encounters, and dance to the tune of their iconic creator, Edward Gorey (American, 1925-2000). His drawings and stories, set in a vaguely Edwardian time frame with a decidedly English overtone, exhibit a special genius for what is left unseen and unwritten. As evident herein, Gorey's skillful crosshatchery often presents the point just before the crescendo of events and then lets the imagination draw the ominous or hilarious conclusion.

The writer and artist rose in popularity as a master of the amusing, strange, and unexpected. Working as a staff artist and art director at Doubleday and then at the legendary Looking Glass Library at Random House, he soon became a respected freelance book designer. His more than one hundred works are collected and widely treasured.

Gorey's enormous talent extended to theatrical arts as well. He was a playwright and an accomplished set and costume designer - with his Broadway revival of Dracula winning two Tony Awards (Best Revival and Best Costume Design) - and a creator of the legendary animated credits for the PBS series Mystery!

20 notecards, 5 each of 4 images.

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