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Introduce yourself to 15 awesome women artists. From Baroque painters to contemporary sculptors, these are artists who have fashioned astonishing careers, lived fascinating lives, and created profoundly important work. And yet, more often than not, they have not received the same attention from the art world establishment as have their male counterparts. This book is the informative and entertaining corrective to some of the most glaring of these omissions.

The author pays tribute - exciting, passionate, and frequently sassy tribute - to artists ranging from Artemesia Gentileschi to Edmonia Lewis, Vanessa Bell to Louise Bourgeois, and Ruth Asawa to Kara Walker. What is the significance of the art they've created or the lives they've led? Why have they so frequently been overlooked? And why do they deserve our attention today?

Details: By Bridget Quinn
published 2017, 192 pages, hardcover

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