Featured Jeweler of the Month

Amy Kahn Russell, our featured Jeweler of the month brings a leading inspiration to the jewelry industry. She travelled the world collecting antiques and incorporating that into her jewelry.

Amy started making jewelry in her teens with two women. After receiving her bachelor's in fine art, she had the unique opportunity to travel the world with her husband. She's been greatly influenced by the cultures of the East. While living in Hong Kong, she managed a pearl company, and would spend lunch hours scouring for rare finds in the antique shops.  When she returned to the US, she started the Amy Kahn Russell line and have grown exponentially in design and skill adding in rare finds from her travels. 

Amy love the color combinations of gems, fossils and metals. She's added micro mosaics, & inspired by stones, history, and tell stories by accentuating the veins of color with gems and ornamentation.